Meet Jungle Jim’s Puppets!

Camilla The Ostrich


Good day to you all – I was named after a Royal duchess (I was born on her wedding day – the second one!) I am the tallest character in Jungle Jim’s show and the most refined! I am sure I can fly and will prove to you all that I can – but I need your help ok?

Did you know?
Ostriches are the largest birds in the world and lay the biggest eggs. The can not fly but are fast runners. An Ostriches eye is bigger than it’s brain.

Dippy The Dragon

dippyHello Dragon lovers! I have got to be the most colourful dragon you’ll have ever seen – although I doubt you’ll have met up with many dragons in your lifetime unless you are a knight! I love eating slugs, snails and spiders and can’t wait to hear which insects you like eating! I am around 1000 years old although my counting isn’t that good – watch out though as I do have tickly nose and may sneeze during the show!

Did you know?
The Komodo dragon is the world’s largest lizard and they live up to 20 years!

Scratch The Rat 

scratchWatcha Kids! Now rats come in various sizes but I have to be the biggest of them all. I am handsome and gorgeous – ok I’m not perfect but who is? I was born in the depths of the London sewers, under the chimes of Bow Bells and my sole aim in life is to wind Pee Wee the elephant up although there’s a price to pay for this!

Did you know?
Rats have poor vision and don’t see in colour. Rats can eat chocolate and have bellybuttons!

Dandelion The Lion 

dandilionHello darlings I am Dandelion! Being the King of the Jungle is a mighty big responsibility. I need help though with my roar as its quite fierce enough… I’m always too busy checking my appearance in the mirror! Luckily the roar of laughter from the children and their parents is enough to scare any big bad animals away!

Did you know?
A male lions roar can be heard upto 5 miles away. A lions eyesight is 5 times better than humans!

Rufus The Gorilla 

rufusHi guys, I’m Rufus the Gorilla – are you ready for some noise? Lets make the party go with a bang with my balloon routine that takes jungle Jims breath away – Literally! I want you to join in though ok? You have to be as loud and wild as you can!

Did you know?
Gorilla’s are vegetarian so don’t eat meat. Mountain Gorilla’s are endangered species at present only around 600 exist.

Pee Wee The Elephant

peeweeHi there – I am a cute loveable elephant with very bad manners! I am lucky though as Jungle Jim and his and his friends always forgive me – otherwise you all get a surprise! I always feel a little sleepy so be sure to wake me up when the show starts!

Did you know?
Elephants cannot jump and only have 4 teeth. Asian elephants have small ears and African Elephants have large ears – that’s how you can tell the difference!

Slippy The Seal 

slippySlippy wants a Fishy wishy for his dishy wishy – he’ll get one if he does a tricky wicky for the fishy wishy! Catching a balley walley on the end of his nosey wosey will do the trick!

Did you know?
Harp seals are an endangered species and spend relatively little time on land, preferring to swim in the North Atlantic and Arctic Oceans. These sleek swimmers cruise the chilly waters and feed on fish and crustaceans. They can remain submerged for up to 15 minutes. They live on average in the wild for 30 years and can grow from 1.6 to 1.9 m long weighing 400 lbs!

Mr Crockers The Crocodile

crocHi guys! I am Mr Crockers! I am terribly polite and love to wander round amongst my fans chatting to you all! Do feel free to chat to me whenever I pass and let me know how you all are! Mind your manners though!

Did you know?
Paignton Zoo has 2 kinds of crocodiles in their new Crocodile Swamp! The Nile crocodile can grow up to 6 metres long. Young crocs feed on tiny water animals then on to fish, amphibians and reptiles as they get bigger. Adult crocs can take prey as large as antelope and buffalo. The Cuban croc can grow up to 3.5 metres long and eats mainly fish, turtles and birds and the occasional small mammal. Paignton Zoo is the only zoo in the UK to have Cuban crocs so go an visit them!

Munch and Crunch the Sharks

munchWe are sooo hungry! Jungle Jim very kindly brings us out when all you unsuspecting people are having your food and we usually find that you all start frantically feeding us whatever bits and bobs you have left on your plates! Don’t panic when you see us coming – just get your food ready!

Did you know?
Sharks have been around for more than 350 millions years. Adult Great White Sharks can swim up to 43 miles an hour and weigh more than 4,500 pounds! They have 3000 teeth that can measure more than 5.7cm long!

Fifi The Flamingo

fifiHow do you do? I am Fifi and I am destined for the stage! My legs just can’t stop dancing and you will be thrilled by my talents! I do look after myself well and keep my fluffy feathers sparkling clean just for you!

Did you know?
The flamingo is a beautiful bird with stiltlike legs and a long, curved neck. In the wild, flamingos vary in color from bright red to pale pink. It is a wading bird and there are six species. They have long, thin legs and small feet with webbed toes. The neck is long and slender and is usually held in an S-shaped curve. They live in colonies of up to 2,000 individuals. Flamingoes feed on aquatic plants, shellfish, frogs, and algae.

Animal Jokes

Why is it hard to play cards in the jungle? – There are too many cheetahs!

What time is it when an elephant sits on your fence? – Time to get a new fence!

What is a crocodiles favorite game? – Snap

What do you call a gorilla wearing ear-muffs? – Anything you like! He can’t hear you!

Why does a flamingo stand on one leg? – Because if he lifted that leg off the ground he would fall down!

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